Local nurses gather supplies for colleagues across the globe

News 12 @ 11 o'clock / Saturday, August 23, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- The Ebola outbreak is still running rampant in Africa. While the two American patients were released this week, getting a handle on the situation across the globe isn't going as smoothly. But some right here in Augusta are doing what they can to help out their colleagues in Liberia.

Five thousand miles isn't keeping Tamara McKethan from helping out. "This is a country of four million people and they only have thirty seven doctors," McKethan said.

And that hits home because medicine has played a part in most of her life. "I entered nursing thirty six years ago when i was twenty one," she said.

She's spent most of her career right here in Augusta, teaching at Augusta State and later GRU. That's when she was contacted to help out fellow nurses halfway across the world. "So my husband, and I, and Mister Greenly met and we loaded up with books and supplies and medical supplies and dressings, anything they might need," McKethan said.

All of the donations are going to the Adventist University of West Africa, to help nurses, and give them the supplies they need to help others. "It's extremely rewarding to know that we're sitting here in Augusta and we're reaching out across the ocean and helping others who are in need," she said.

Especially now, when the need is at a peak. "Right now they need sterile supplies because of the health care crisis," McKethan tells News 12.

With help from across the entire GRU campus McKethan was able to send over the largest donation yet. But her shelves are already starting to fill up for next time. And for right now, she's waiting for the best reward, to see where her supplies will go.

This donation was just sent out so it should be arriving in Liberia shortly. McKethan said now is a time when they really are in need of help. If you have any thing you would like to donate, such as medical supplies, textbooks, or even help with the shipping costs, you can get in touch with McKethan at TMCKETHA@gru.edu

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