Local mother says football "horse play" went too far for son

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News 12 This Morning/Monday Sept. 23, 2013

EDGEFIELD CO., S.C. (WRDW)--"I could be burying my son or sitting beside a hospital bed if things had gotten very very out of hand," said Michelle Edwards.

Edwards is talking about her son, Keyshawn Stevens, a freshman junior varsity football player at Strom Thurmond High school--and an incident that happened in the locker room before a game, just over a week ago.

"When I picked him up after the football game, he was very upset," she said.

Edwards said she and Keyshawn met with school officials the next day, but that it took a couple of days before he would tell her the full story.

"He said that the varsity team jumped him and that they broke his laptop," Edwards explained.

Keyshawn wrote a statement as part of a school investigation. In his statement he says two varsity football boys picked him up and threw him in a laundry basket.

"After they stood him up, one of the guys football tackled him without proper equipment on and his head hit the speaker," Edwards explained. "It hit loud [enough] that they did go over to see if he was alright."

Edwards filed an incident report with the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office and deputies are investigating whether there were any criminal acts.

But, Edwards says she doesn't think this was a crime.

"I think it was really based on horse playing that went too far," she said. "They did not mean that it would harm him...and I understood that. But, it did."

After temporarily quitting the team, Edwards says Keyshawn is now back in the game.

"I just know in my heart that the principal and the superintendent will do their best in this investigation and they will solve this problem," said Edwards.

The school did conduct an investigation and 12 has been told both varsity players came forward, admitted their actions and are now facing consequences.

School officials urge any parent who ever have similar situations to come to school officials and file a report. If needed, school and county district officials will conduct an investigation and work to resolve the problem.

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