Local man running in this year's Boston Marathon

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Monday, April 21st, 2014

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- One local runner wouldn't let last year's events at the Boston Marathon keep him from going back, and News 12 spoke with him right after he crossed the finish line.

"The theme up here is Boston strong," Dr. Mike Rogers said.

There was major step up in security. Rogers says police presence was there from the beginning, from when runners went to pick up their tag. They had to come in person and show a photo ID bomb detection devices like the one pictured here are in place by the buses where the runners are taken to and from the race.

"Everybody was a little bit concerned, but there was a lot of security and overall we felt safe and that everyone was doing they're job to keep us safe," Dr. Rogers said.

Even though it's a new year and a new race last year's victims weren't forgotten. Local volunteers hand made 7,000 scarves and gave them to runners as a thank you.

"After being so close to the bombing last year. I wanted to come back and I think everyone wanted to show the terrorist that we were not afraid to run," Dr. Rogers said.

Last year, the bombs went off minutes after he crossed the finish line, but this year's feeling was a lot different.

"As I walked back from the hotel it was such a good feeling not see all the ambulances and the confusion that went on last year. Just to think it had been a very pleasant day," Dr. Rogers said.

After the adrenaline rush, exhaustion, and psychological battle to get through the race he says it was worth coming back.

Fleet Feet is having its own run Monday in honor of the Boston bombing tragedy. While last year's race ended in tragedy, he said this year runners from all over will take back today as a victory.

"It was quite emotional because you never expect anything like that at a running event," said Michael McCauley with Feet Fleet Sports. "The running community is one of strength and perseverance especially marathoners."

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