Local coffee expert isn't buying coffee linked death study

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News 12 6pm/ Saturday August 17, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- John Curry drinks coffee everyday. His favorite thing about it-- the variety

"Just like wines taste different, coffee is the same way. So, coffee from different parts of the world taste totally different," he told News12.

The passion Curry has for coffee isn't shared by everyone. A group of doctors found drinking more than 28 cups of coffee a week increased risk of death from all causes in people 55 years and younger.

"I don't know of anyone coffee could have killed," said Curry.

At the age of 53--with 40 years of coffee sipping expertise-- Curry says he won't drink out the of cup the researchers are serving.

"Ten grams of caffeine is a fatal dose of caffeine. That's a hundred cups of coffee that would have to be ingested at one time," he said.

Curry isn't the only one not buying into study.

"I love coffee," said Kathryn Filipak

Filipak is a registered dietitian and coffee drinker. She says the coffee debate has been going on for years--some studies even showing the drink can help your health.

"One of the more recent good coffee studies has been drink a bunch of coffee to prevent Alzheimer's," she told News12.

Another study says folks who drink two or more cups a day have reduced the risk of dying from some diseases, and a third says men who drink six or more cups a day have lowered the chance of fatal prostate cancer. So, while the jury is still out --Curry says just drink what your body can handle

"Everybody is different. Some people don't tolerate caffeine at all--or other parts of the coffee. So, I wouldn't say that to anybody-- I would say drink whatever you're comfortable with," he told News12.

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