Local car repossession business seeing booming business despite national trend

(Photo courtesy of Down Low Repo)
(Photo courtesy of Down Low Repo)
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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Wednesday, Feb. 20, 20123

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- "They're determined to hide it, we're determined to find it," says James Smith, owner of Down Low Repo.

That's a motto that he uses when describing what he does every day.

The 3-year-old family-owned business, which includes his brother and cousin, has seen a drastic increase in repossessions over the past two months.

"Our business for January and February have really pick up from the last two or three years ... January and February is normally slow, but it has doubled in the about of recoveries," Smith said.

In just the last two months, his company has picked up close to 40 cars.

This time last year, he only brought in 10.

Smith says that people aren't taking owning a car seriously enough.

"They get that tax money, they put that down payment on it, they're not even concentrating on the payment schedule, all they care about is that quick ride right then and there," Smith said.

"If i didn't pay for my car, they would come take my car," said Peggy Inhert, an Augusta resident who feels people should take more responsibility. "I think if you sign a contract to purchase something and you don't pay for it, it should be taken away."

"It makes no sense to put a down payment on a car and not make the payment -- you're wasting money," Smith said.

Last year alone, Down Low Repo picked up nearly 300 cars, which James says will go up over the next few months.

But for now, he is focusing on the 30 to 40 cars that are still out across the CSRA that are late on their payments.

"We strive day to day, to hunt y'all down, and we not gonna give up," Smith said.

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