Local Governor's Honors nominee works to inspire others

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News 12 This Morning/Friday January 24, 2014

"Ever since 5th grade, I remember it was Honor's Day and I told my mom I wanted to be on top and since then, I've been making A's and B's," said Charlecia Williams.

Now, Williams, 11th grader at Bulter High, continues working to stay on top.

She's one of only two in Richmond County who's made it as a Governor's Honors Program nominee in Physics.

"It's so awesome! Because I'm so proud to represent Butler. I just feel so great that I'm representing," she said.

After being recommended for AP Physics and passing a tough exam, Williams now has to interview for a top spot to fully make it into the four-week summer program.

She tells me if she makes it, the experience would be invaluable.

"I'll just be learning more about physics and other subjects and seeing other people," she said. "Just the experience would be an honor."

On top of this achievement, Williams is top of her class and is extremely involved in extra-curricular activities.

"I play basketball and I was captain of the volleyball team and I play the flute for band," she said. "And of course the biggest thing--I have an A average."

With varsity basketball, band, volleyball all on her plate, Williams tells me time management and staying focused are the two tools she uses to stay on top of her academics.

"I have to wake up early in the morning everyday and just constantly do it step by step," she explained. "I have to have a little journal, write down my notes and just make sure I keep everything organized and just stay focused."

And as she strives to meet this accomplishment, she's hoping to inspire other students.

"You have to have your mind set on one thing," she said. "You have to stay focused, you have to see the end result and know that if you keep striving and try really hard that you can get there. You can't give up though. Really, it's a lot of work, but you have to keep working."

Williams, along with dozens of other nominees in specialized subjects in our area, heads for the interview process in Atlanta on February 25.

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