Local attorney accused of leaving 10-month-old in car alone

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News 12 at 6 o'clock Sept. 18 2013


Augusta (WRDW) There's a lot of finger pointing going on between the Richmond County Sheriff's Office and the local newspaper Jail Report. It all surrounds a local Attorney Jenna Matson and her mug shots.
Both sides blame the other for the photo not being released.

After you're arrested, Jail Report employees are sending it to Greg Rickabuagh. "We get 10 calls a week from people asking us not to print their picture in our paper," said Jail Report Owner Greg Rickabaugh.

He publishes them anyway. Rickabaugh says two mugshots of Attorney Jenna Matson never hit news stands until recently.

"We started in 2009. We established a relationship with the Sheriff's office and they established an employee who we pay a fee to give us those mugshots," said Rickabaugh.

An incident report says Matson was arrested September 1st. She is accused of leaving her infant son in the car while she went grocery shopping.
The lawyer was also arrested in march accused of driving under the influence.

"Two mugshots missed seem bizarre and we don't know the answer,"said Rickabaugh.

Richmond County Sheriff's office tells News12 mugshots are public information and they'll give them to anybody. Lt. Calvin Chew says the Jail Report pays a sheriff's office employee to send them booking photos.
He says the office does not plan to investigate.

"The question always remains are we getting the information? The jail report has always tried to provide more than what was already out there," he said.

Matson is back at work. News12 reached out to Matson for her side and have not heard back.

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