Lines at Aiken landfill have tree limbs, frustration mounting

News 12 at 11 / Monday, February 17, 2014

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW) -- First we waited for the ice. Then we waited for it to melt and for power to come back on. Now, people are waiting to clean up.

"I've been here since 11:30 this morning, and I'm just getting out and it's like 4:15," said Duncan Engram.

A line more than two hours long led up to the Aiken landfill today, as people waited to dump all the debris from the ice storm.

"It'a mad house," said Bobby Deal. "I've been waiting since like 3:30, and it's almost 5:15, about 2.5 to 3 hours."

Trying to throw all their broken limbs and tree branches away instead tried their patience.

"Oh I'm mad. I'm mad. I'm not going to get real ugly here, but I'm mad," Engram admitted.

It left people with a mound of frustration almost as big as the pile of trees.

The huge mound at the top of the landfill hill is just two days worth of debris. People waited for hours to get up there and dump their limbs, but hours is nothing compared to the weeks of cleanup we have ahead.

Getting in wasn't the only problem. So was getting out.

"Waiting in line getting out, probably another hour, hour and a half," Deal estimated.

" You got to rotate going in one at a time, but it's a long process, very long process," Engram said.

It took so long because every car has to be weighed, both going in and on the way out, to get an accurate count of how much storm damage we have.

"They're weighing it in and out. I'm not sure why exactly but apparently it slows things down a great deal," Bill Anderson noticed.

Its a tedious but important job that could help the state get much needed federal disaster relief funds, something that would help foot the bill for this very thing, debris removal.

As Georgia works hard to ask for help, the workers here just ask for patience, reminding us we're all in this together.

They won't have the exact count until the report comes in tomorrow, but workers estimate people brought in somewhere between 60 to 70 tons of debris today.

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