Late-night strolls could end on Riverwalk

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News 12 First at Five / Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Bryon Willis loves the Riverwalk.

"You can bring your sweetheart out here by yourself and at night. It kind of sets the mood," he said.

And Willis would know. News 12 caught him stealing more than a few kisses on a date there with Jenny Grayson on Tuesday.

"I'm from Savannah, and the riverfront there is open all night," Grayson said.

Sheriff Richard Roundtree would like the Riverwalk to close starting at 11 p.m. until sunrise.

The sheriff is also asking city leaders to start a business improvement district for 5th to 13th street.

Having property owners pay more for extra service is nothing new. Property owners who News 12 talked to thought that years ago.

"No one would ever listen to us," said Bill Prince.

Prince and his family have owned Bill's Place liquor store since the Prohibition.

"We want all the money to be used to bring extra police to downtown and only downtown Augusta," he said.

Prince is also for the idea of having downtown owners buy into a network of 32 surveillance cameras, but he doesn't like the idea of closing the Riverwalk at all.

"Eleven at night is pretty early. You can argue whatever time, but if we're paying more money for deputies downtown, I expect to have more. Period."

And as for Willis and Grayson, they don't want to have to kiss this spot goodbye.

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