Labor Day brings more tourists to Augusta

News 12 @ 11 o'clock / Friday, August 29, 2014
AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW) -- Labor Day weekend means a lot more cars on the roads, which is a good thing for Augusta tourism. The Georgia Visitor's Center off I-20 saw a lot of traffic today, and they don't think it will end after Monday. This is only the start of a busy season for tourism in the city.

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Kate Laponzina with the Georgia Welcome Center has seen a lot of cars coming her way today. "We have been really busy this weekend. People don't realize how busy this state visitor's center is," she said.

She says folks have been stopping by all day wanting to know more about the area. Visitors like Murray Palmer. He stopped by on his way back to New Orleans. He said this is a nice, clean area he usually tries to stop by on the road and enjoy. "Three years ago I drove past here, and I usually try to do it every two or three years," Palmer said.

And the more folks pulling in here means good things for tourism in the area. Something that is easy to see at the welcome center. "We'll have about five to six hundred this weekend, that's our car count for everyday," Laponzina said.

Something Augusta native Reginald Coney is happy to hear. "We do have a lot more things going on in Augusta so we do see a lot more tourism and along these holidays we do see a lot more traffic. But it's all worth it," Coney said.

Coney says he loves to call Augusta home and he's hoping more tourists will stop and see why. "It's what makes Augusta an ideal place to live cause there is always something to do and it's a close proximity to a lot of cities," he said.

Reasons a lot of folks are turning an Augusta pit stop, into their next travel stop.

The Georgia Welcome Center says they expect just as much traffic, if not more, next week. Augusta is hosting the annual Georgia Tourism Conference. They say it's just another event that will promote tourism in our area.

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