Kids walking over half a mile to school

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News 12 This Morning / Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW)-- Dana Easley's children attend Copeland Elementary School, and because her home is listed as "within walking distance," that's exactly what they have to do.

Easley says her family only has one car, which her fiance uses for work in the mornings.

She is usually able to walk her children to school, but she says most of the kids take the walk alone.

"Sometimes it'll just be a blank spot on the field. It's just kids on the field. And anyone could just pick the right moment and snatch anyone's child," Easley said.

We typed in valid addresses on the RCSS transportation website, and homes located over half a mile away were listed as "within walking distance."

Easley says she thinks the distance is too far for young children to have to walk before and after school.

Especially if they're going by themselves.

"There's just no supervision there on the back of the school house. And it just not fair," Easley said.

We reached out to the RCSS Transportation Department to find out if a bus has ever come to those areas, but we did not receive a response.