Report: Kids found alone in dirty home with dog urine, feces

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News 12 11pm /Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bethany Schubert (WRDW-TV)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A county jail is the new home for one Augusta mother.

Bethany Schubert is charged with not taking care of her kids and leaving them home alone with almost no food.

Deputies said when they made it to the home off Barbara Road they found filthy rooms -- one bedroom even had dog urine and feces in it. News 12 talked to a neighbor and a mother who are shocked by the charges.

"It's a work in process," that's how a mother of a 9 year old describes raising a child.

"They are children. They really don't understand--they are trying to learn and grow," she added.

But for now Schubert can't teach her children because she's in jail accused of leaving them home alone with almost no food and a room where a dog used the bathroom as if he was outside.

It's something mother, Alexandria Kelly, said she doesn't understand.

"It's our jobs as parents and mostly as moms to teach them and get them to that point," Kelly said.

Deputies arrived at the home on Barbara Road after Schubert's sister called them to report 2 of her sister's 8 kids were home alone. Investigators say the aunt found a 14-year-old and 5-year-old boy sleeping in the back bedroom.

They later found two others sleeping on the floor across the street where they found the mother with her boyfriend. Something neighbor Anthony Coleman can't believe.

"Well normally when I see them they just ride up and down the street with a little scooter," he said.

Deputies say the house was bug infested, filthy, and the only food in the home was three slices of thinly sliced ham, mayonnaise, and sugar.

Which Kelly said sounds like the opposite of what any mother should provide for her kids.

"Making sure they have food and clothing. That's such a necessity," she said.

Deputies say DFACS allowed the children to leave with another family member.

As for Schubert, she's been charged with four counts of deprivation of a minor.

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