Keeping children safe from TV tip over hazards

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News 12 This Morning/ Thursday Sept. 26, 2013

(WRDW)--"Television tip-overs is absolutely a new issue for young parents these days and it's not something that their parents have any experience with," said Rene Hopkins. "Televisions were large pieces of furniture that sat on the floor and often needed two adults just to lift them or move them."

Nowadays, many families have a flat screen television that's lightweight and top heavy.

And Hopkins with Safe Kids Greater Augusta says most people put their TV's on top of furniture between three to four feet off the ground.

"And what happens is a child is either fascinated by the picture on it or they're after something that is also on top of that piece of furniture," she explained. "And they reach up and they climb that top heavy piece of furniture falls over on top of the child."

Safe Kids Worldwide conducted a study to find out just how safe children are around most home televisions.

"The injuries that we're seeing are most frequently head injuries to these small children," she said. "This is a problem that over the last 10 years has risen by over 31 percent."

So--what do you do to keep your child's TV time a safe time?

"Wall mount them," said Hopkins. "That is actually the preferred method."

The study found that three to four parents don't mount their TV's, mostly because they don't understand how dangerous it can be or they're worried about damaging the walls.

"If you have a TV that's on a dresser and it's not secure--secure it," Hopkins recommended. "There are multiple ways you can do that. There are straps that hook to the back of the furniture or straps that can hook to the wall."

Some mounts come as cheap as $8 to $10 and Hopkins says the amount you pay to secure your television is priceless to keep your children safer.

"The best benefit is protecting your children," she said.

Here are a few things to remember if you're mounting your television:
- Make sure the mount can hold the weight and size of your TV
- Follow mounting instructions--check for studs and make sure the TV is out of reach of your children
- Remember to make a place for the wires--consider using zip ties and a power strip to keep the wires neat and safe for your children

For more information on TV tip over safety, visit the link below.

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