Judge denies bond for accused killer

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News 12 First at Five / Thursday, May 2, 2013

Todd Goff
Todd Goff during his bond hearing in July of 2012. (WRDW-TV / July 20, 2012)

HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WRDW) -- A judge revoked bond for 24-year-old Todd Goff Thursday. Goff is accused of strangling his girlfriend back in July of 2012 at their home in Hephzibah.

The father of the victim, Tiffany Salter, said, “Victim's Assistance called me yesterday and said that there was a hearing, and they had heard someone was going to try to bail him out and they wanted to stop it.”

The news shattered John Salter, just like it did when the judge granted Goff a $50,000 bond the first time.

“I was devastated. I wouldn't have even thought that a judge could grant any kind of a bond on a murder charge. It just floored me,” he said.

But, Thursday, the judge said Goff is still a threat to society and took away his bond.

“It’s a huge relief that I won't have to go to great lengths to protect my family," Salter said.

The murder charge stems from last July, when investigators say Goff strangled his girlfriend, then drug her body to the back yard where they found a large hole.

The details of the crime will be up to the justice system to prove, but Salter says he has already made his judgments, saying, “There's no forgiveness here whatsoever.”

Salter says he fears for the day, if it ever comes, when Goff is let out of jail, saying, “I'm going to be sitting on the porch with a shotgun because my family comes first. I'm not going to let them down again.”

He says seeing his daughter's accused killer face to face in court was tough, but it’s nothing compared to the pain he lives with every day.

“The hardest part is walking through that door every day and having to see her in a little box. She didn't deserve that, she didn't deserve that," Salter said.

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