Jeep lovers come to the rescue

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Wednesday Feb. 12, 2014.

(WRDW)- Roads are still ice over and dangerous and more will accumulate over night. Making it easy to slide right off the road. If you do find yourself stranded there's a group of Jeep lovers who are willing to come to your rescue.

Jeep Masters of Augusta have members all over the CSRA waiting for your call. Their jeeps are prepped and ready with bigger lifted tires that can get where a lot of people can't.
They are equipped with straps, chains, and can pull out up to 35,000 pounds. They say they can come where ever you are, from Edgefield to Evans.

This isn't like last time with the snow and even if you have 4-wheel drive ice is still dangerous. President Jason Skarosi has put his number out there. You can reach him at 706-399-9807
So don't hesitate to call them if you find your self stuck.