Is Helen Blocker-Adams still in the race for Augusta Mayor?

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News 12 11pm / Friday, May 16, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- Is she in or is she out? That's the question after Helen Blocker-Adams announced Thursday that she was suspending her campaign for Mayor of Augusta. News 12 is on your side with the latest on what this all means for your vote on Tuesdays and for those of you who have already voted.

Richmond County Board of Elections says Helen Blocker-Adams is still on the ballot and could even force a run off. The only thing that could stop it is her signature.

Like many Augusta-Richmond County voters, Crystal Neal wonders what's going on in the mayor's race.

"So, we could still vote for her, but she wouldn't be able to...Would she still be able to win," asked Neal as she walked out of the voting booth.

The answer is yes and the confusion is because of this.

"Effective immediately I am suspending my campaign and run for mayor," Helen Blocker-Adams told a room full of supporters Thursday afternoon.

"A person is not officially withdrawn until they actually file a notarized affidavit with our office," said Travis Doss Jr, with the Augusta-Richmond Board of Elections.

That is something Helen Blocker-Adams told us she didn't know, but even after finding out about steps needed to officially withdraw from the Augusta mayor's race Blocker-Adams hasn't. So, while the campaign is suspended the candidate is still technically in the race.

"Votes will still be counted for her. She could actually win the election," said Doss Jr.

In a race with five candidates, Blocker-Adams could finish second and head to a run-off.

"She could have enough votes for a run off, and then continue on if there is a run off, and we could continue on as we would with any other candidate," he said.

News 12 asked Blocker-Adams for an interview to see if she has any plans to fill out the proper paper work or if she plans to stay in the race, but she never answered the question and wrote back the following response.

"My campaign team suggested that I do not conduct the interview. Please respect my wishes as I focus on my personal financial issues." Blocker-Adams wrote in a text.

"I think it's just unfortunate that when you run for politics many times people try to dig up negative things about you," said Augusta voter, Crystal Neal.

This week, news about unpaid loans, foreclosures, and near evictions mounted against her campaign....but as of now, Helen Blocker-Adams is still a candidate.

Almost five-thousand people have already voted in the mayor's race through advanced voting. The majority of those before Thursday's announcement that Adams was suspending her campaign.

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