Is Augusta ready for its first female mayor?

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News12 at six o'clock/ Jan. 9,2014

Augusta, Ga (WRDW) -- Augusta has never had a female mayor and one local business owner says it's time for change. Helen Blocker Adams tells News12, she is the woman for the job.

Adams is a business owner who ran for office in 2005 , lost then supported Deke Copenhaver for mayor.

"Augusta is ready for change and I represent change in every sense of the word," said Adams.

Helen Blocker-Adams hosted a public affairs show in the 90's that told stories of the community coming together. Adams thinks Augusta's top spot as Mayor will help her continue improving lives.

"I want to be mayor because I want to create a positive legacy for the next generations of young people," said Mayoral Candidate Helen Blocker-Adams.

Adams is a business owner who is no stranger to Augusta politics. In 2005, she ran for Mayor against incumbent Willie Mays and Deke Copenhaver. Adams threw her support behind Copenhaver. Then in 2006, she ran against Quincy Murphy for House District 120. She lost both races.

"We didn't do anything wrong per say, it wasn't our time. We planted some seeds and made a big impact. We got 23 percent of the vote," said Adams.

This year her platform includes economic opportunity, crime, education and community public health. Adams says these are issues that can change and it starts with the mayor's position.

"They're people who say that position has no power. but I believe the power comes in being able to collaborate and build bridges and relationships," said Adams.

Her message of building bridges has stayed the same since the 90's, but is it enough to finally win an election?

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