Impact of Tiger not playing the Masters

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Tiger Woods

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Four-time green jacket winner Tiger Woods is one reason people shell out major bucks to come to the Masters.

"I probably wouldn't have purchased the tickets if i knew Tiger wasn't going to be in the event," said Ralph Natale.

This is Ralph Natale's first Masters. A thousand bucks later he scored two practice round tickets, but to him it was worth it. Now he feels like these are worth a lot less.

"Without Tiger I bet the tickets would have been $350 each," Natale said.

Natale bought his tickets from the famous bus on Washington Road.

Those with Golden Tickets said that Tiger not playing this year will have little impact on prices and sales, but had he announced a month ago they believe prices definitely would have gone down.

"The Masters is its own event and is special in itself for years, but Tiger definitely brings a special thing to the Masters," Natale said.

"Anytime Tiger hits the field it brings excitement," said Craig Zimmerman.

Most understand why he's not able to play, but some think any past champion should come back whether they're playing or not.

"It's one of the biggest tournaments of the year and for him not to come to Augusta, for our local community, that's a slap in the face," Tim Almy said.

He believes it's also a shame because if you love him or hate him, he brings a crowd.

"Tiger's extremely well known. He's a commercial draw he's a big draw for business in town," Almy said.

Others think it's not a big deal.

"It's the Masters. It wont affect it. The Masters is way above Tiger," Zimmerman said.

Rain or shine. Tiger or no Tiger. Augusta is ready for their biggest week of the year.

"I think Augusta is excited period. As a downtown person I know downtown is ready to have these people to come and enjoy CSRA hospitality," Almy said.

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