How would you rate Augusta's new trash service?

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News12 First at Five/ Sept. 23 2013


Augusta,Ga---It's been three months since Augusta went to once a week trash pick-up. Commissioners got their first 60 day review of the program."In the beginning, I would have given them a D," said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

More than 70 percent of News12 viewers on Social Media rate Augusta's one day trash pick up a lot worst. They give the service an F rating, because they're charged the same price for half the service, missed pickups and knocked over cans.

City leaders claim the process is getting better. "Now they're moving up to a C," said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

"I still receive various complaints here and there and it's more just about consistent service," said Commissioner Mary Davis.

Commissioners got a 60 day review of the program and what changes need to be made. "The implementation of the service could have been better," said Environmental Director Mark Johnson.

He says the change from one day pickups to two has been good. Johnson says only a small group of people are requesting a second can.

"We've had a lot of people requesting recycling cans," said Johnson.

He says issues still exist around collecting yard waste and rubber tires. The entire neighborhoods that didn't receive cans for weeks were something he learned from the most.

"There's going to be a variety of issues that will come up because we changed the rules," said Johnson.

Some leaders say the lesson here is the more you recycle the more room you'll have for trash.

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