Horses rescued from Edgefield Co. still looking for homes

Jim Rhodes of the Aiken Equine Rescue is hoping to find homes for the horses rescued from an Edgefield County home. (WRDW-TV)
Jim Rhodes of the Aiken Equine Rescue is hoping to find homes for the horses rescued from an Edgefield County home. (WRDW-TV)
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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Friday, Oct. 19, 2012

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. -- The puppies rescued from a puppy mill in Edgefield County have all found new owners.

"Every one of them are amazed at the transition that these dogs have taken," said Jim Rhodes with Aiken Equine Rescue.

The ducks and geese now have a new place to splash around, too.

"They absolutely love the pond. They love their new life," Rhodes said.

But now Rhodes of the Aiken Equine Rescue is looking for homes for the eight rescued horses.

He adopted all nine that were rescued from the raided puppy mill that sent Callie Abel to jail.

The horses just arrived to Aiken this week.

"These horses weren't as social as you'd like the horses to be and all that, but they're definitely curious. They will come up to you. They allow you to touch them. They allow you to put them," he said.

Rhodes knows a thing or two about rehabilitating horses. His nonprofit was founded with the mission of finding new homes to former racers and other surrendered horses.

Rhodes says these horses weren't emaciated or abused but that they weren't given the care they deserve.

"You know, their manes are matted. Their hoof care was not taken care of. You know, I don't know the last time their teeth were done. We had no record of when their shots were done," he said.

And Rhodes says the state probably wouldn't have taken these horses if all these dogs didn't need help, too. He says it's a problem because normally authorities wait until horses are holding onto life, just like the horses Rhodes and his team recently rescued from Camden.

"We thought we were going to lose several of those horses," he said. "It shouldn't have been allowed to go that far."

Rhodes says part of the problem is that the state doesn't have a facility to keep seized horses -- or a system of adopting them out. But he says Georgia does.

"And I don't' agree exactly what they're doing over there, but it's a system. It's a start. It's better than what we have. You know, they auction their horses off that have been seized," Rhodes said.

If you'd like to adopt any of these horses you're encouraged to call Aiken Equine Rescue at (803) 643-1850. They're also looking for volunteers, as they always are, and donations, too. To visit the Aiken Equine Rescue website, click here.

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