Homeowners rent out yards to deal with Masters parking headache

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It's southern hospitality at its finest.

"Just helping them out, and they helping me out too," says Karen Hudson, an Augusta local.

Something, most people would never do in the south.

But it's what Karen Hudson has been doing for the past five years.

"Yeah, renting our yard out for parking for the Masters, and it's turned out to be a great deal," she told News 12.

And even though she wouldn't tell how much she charges, by the look of her yard, the price is just right.

"It's really been a big success, it's been busy all week," said Hudson.

And for the location, you could say it's the perfect catch.

"It's really close to the Masters, within walking distance," she said.

And it's about the same up the road at crazy johnnys.

The name might scare you away but the 10 dollar parking certainly wont.

His neighbor, Cindy Johnson, works along side crazy johnny parking the masters patrons.

"We look out for each others yards, and park the cars, one his place one, one mine," said Johnson.

In between their houses, a tiny tiki bar, welcoming their guests.

"Free water, drinks, sodas, koolaid, beer, whatever you like," she said.

And with the busy washington road at their front door, it's hard for people not to stop.

"I think it's just the matter of they get to us first when they're coming in from downtown, they see us out here and they see what we have to offer and i guess our smiling faces," she said.

But dont let their flashy signs and gimpics fool you.

They're out here not for the money.

"We're just out here to do this, this week, and meet people and enjoy ourselves," she said.

And to show that good ol' southern hospitality.