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Home for our Troops planning to build new home for one Evans family

Sean Gittens in wheelchair
The Gittens family says their new home would allow Sgt. Sean Gittens to be more independent. (March 28, 2011 / WRDW-TV)

News 12 This Morning at 6 o'clock / Monday, March 28, 2011

EVANS, Ga. --- Homes for our Troops wants your help, as the group tries to build a house for a wounded veteran and his family in Evans, Georgia.

The Gittens' way of life changed in 2007. That's when Army Sgt. First Class Sean Gittens returned from his third deployment in Iraq after being seriously injured. Before that injury his daughters remember a very energetic family man.

"Every summer he used to take us to the water park," said Shawna Gittens, his ten year old daughter. "And I miss walking with him."

Monique Bramwell, his other daughter shared, "I miss his sense of humor his interactions with us."

A series of I.E.D. blasts took a toll on Sgt. Gittens' body, causing traumatic brain injuries. He later suffered from a stroke leaving him paralyzed.

"It's hurtful, but you know he's still my husband," said his wife, Sharon Gittens, "I'm just here for him."

"After everything happened it was like waiting for everything to turn around to the way it used to be," added Monique.

Sharon says things did not go back to normal. Sgt. Gittens is confined to his wheelchair now, unable to communicate, or move around freely.

"You can tell him a joke and he'll get it, like he'll give you looks," said Monqiue. "So you know what the looks mean as soon as you get them."

The Gittens are waiting on their new house to be built with the help of Home for our Troops. A home that will allow him to be more independent, one that would be built as a single story home with wider halls, and spacious rooms.

"This house has a lot of limitations. The house they will build has no barriers. He'll be able to move around freely, move around the house," explained Sharon.

The Gittens are grateful that Sgt. Gittens survived the blast and aren't taking the little things for granted. "Appreciate your family appreciate your parents. Tomorrow isn't really promised," Monique added.

Homes for our Troops is in the process of talking with a general contractor to build the house. They already have the plot of land. The group says they still need more community members to step up and help out with concrete work, lumber, framing, windows, and doors. You can visit the Gittens' project page to donate your time and your services at this link,