Hitchcock Parkway expansion could be scaled back

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW)—The debate over a controversial expansion of a busy road in Aiken continues to rage on as Aiken City Council looks to scale back the project.

City Council voted in a meeting Monday night to ask the arts subcommittee to remove the sidewalk installation as part of the project. They also asked DOT to scale back how wide the landscape median was in the original project design.

But many people still aren’t thrilled with the plan.

“The general consensus is that no one understands why its necessary, “said Lewis Fierke who lives off Hitchcock Parkway,” or why they're so adamant it be done.”

In spite of many concerns about the encroachment of the expansion on the people’s property, the city says they are still planning on moving forward with the plan.

“I travel that road five days a week going to the YMCA,” said Fierke, “I don’t have any problem at all.”

Fierke says he isn’t alone though, and that many people with homes on Toone Way in Aiken feels the same way he does.

“I just hope someone with some good common sense sits back and looks at this thing and says ‘do we really need it?’”