Historic election in Augusta could change the dynamics of the commission

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News 12 First at Five/ Monday Monday, July 21, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- District six Commission Candidates Bob Finnegan and Ben Hasan are on the campaign trail one last time trying to get votes. During the May election, it was close but Hasan finished with 32 percent with Finnegan right behind at 30 percent.

"I really think it's because of the investment that I've made in the community. I've been heavily involved in the body of politics since 2006," said Candidate Ben Hasan.

"I'm passionate about South Augusta. I want to see it grow. I think it's got huge potential that we are just siting on," said Candidate Bob Finnegan.

Both tell News 12, they're focusing on repairing roads, getting vacant lots clear and working with the rest of the commission.

"One commissioner is only one vote out of 10. At the same time you can voice those needs before the commission," said Finnegan.

"I've addressed many issues in this community from the attempt to change the charter in 2011. I've been engaged more than any other person in Richmond County," said Hasan.

Augusta Voters will decide who will fill Commissioner Joe Jackson's seat.

If Hasan wins, the majority of the commission will be black for the time since consolidation. However both men say this election is not about race. News 12 is on your side tracking the results as they come in for this election and all of the others.

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