High summer temperatures could lead to playground dangers

News 12 First at Five / Monday, July 21, 2014

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When you think of playgrounds you think of swings, slides, and monkey bars, but not about burns. When the temperatures climb higher, the playground can be a dangerous place. Even a trip down the slide, can land you in the ER.

Jessica Mintz has a three year old daughter named Cora. The playground is her favorite place to be. "She's very excited about coming to the park and we've actually had to start spelling park and she's like what does that spell is that park? And we say yes Cora," Mintz said.

They're out here at least two or three times a week all summer long. She really likes the spider web, the climbing web, she also likes the slide. Moms like Jessica worry about the normal bumps and bruises, but not burns.

Dr. Fred Mullins has worked at the JMS Burn Center for eighteen years now, and he says, it's pretty common. "Playgrounds do cause a significant cause of burns during the summer," he said.

Metal and plastic on a playground can heat up to more than one hundred degrees. "Burns to the backs of the legs sometimes the buttocks and sometimes the stomach if they go down head first," Mullins said.

And it can happen from just going down a slide. So Dr. Mullins has a simple piece of advice. "It's worth checking before you let your child play on it," he said.

And for Jessica, it's a simple summertime step, to keep her little girl happy.

Most of the playground burns that come in are second degree burns, which doctors tell me are the most painful. And it's especially dangerous for young children. So be sure to check the play sets first and make sure there are no hot pieces that might hurt your kids.

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