Hephzibah police officer arrested, charged with battery

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Monday, October 11, 2010

HEPHZIBAH, Ga.--- A Hephzibah police officer was arrested and charged over the weekend. Hector D. Torres is accused of assaulting his step-son. The incident happened late Saturday night.

According to the incident report - 41-year-old Torres grabbed the child's left arm with force causing visible bruises on the child's left arm. The responding officer noted redness ad bruising on the child's arm. The report goes on to state that Hector Torres grabbed the child by the shirt and lifted him up causing the shirt to choke him. The victim stated that Torres also grabbed his arm tight and pushed him against the wall.

Officers noted that Torres was intoxicated and used profanities at them when they arrived.

Witnesses claim Torres used racial slurs against the child, who is black.

Torres was taken to Richmond County Jail and booked.