Helen Blocker-Adams: God says I could not have been an effective mayor

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News 12 First at Five / Monday, May 19, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- She says she's out. Her run for mayor is over and she's telling News 12 why. Late last week Helen Blocker-Adams suspended her campaign, but Monday she signed the paperwork to officially call it quits. She says a 3AM wake up call from God lead her to the decision and that it's time she focus on her finances.

She says it's divine intervention.

"I believe it was a message from God that says, you know what.... I can not be an effective mayor," that's the early morning wake up call that Helen Blocker-Adams says pushed her to officially quit the race to be Augusta's next mayor.

"If I was in the run-off it would mean 60 days of brutal dragging my name in the mud and we know it wouldn't stop," she tells News 12.

Blocker-Adams admits she still owes thousands of dollars in Aiken county and was almost kicked out of her home several times in Augusta. However, she says the worst part is not confronting her issues earlier

"Almost like an alcoholic in recovery. There's certain characteristics. Denial and all of these type of things and I realized it's a very strong parallel." she tells News 12.

Blocker-Adams says she now knows what hitting rocking bottom really means. So, as she works towards her financial recovery, the candidate who could've been Augusta's first female mayor, has one last message for those hurt in the wake of all of this.

"I'm sorry I disappointed them. I'm sorry that your vote is not going to count, but to me they count." Blocker-Adams said.

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