Headache for business owners continue after South Augusta bridge crumbles

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News 12 at 6 o' clock/ July 1, 2014


AUGSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A bridge leading to a business in South Augusta is causing big headaches for a lot of people, especially the owners. The bridge on Colony Park Road is maintained by the city, and it collapsed a couple of years ago. They built a temporary bridge, but the creek keeps eroding it away.

Cherish Danforth manages Graced Kennels. Customers have to drive across the bridge to get to their business. She says, "There's been temporary fixes on top of temporary fixes and it's not working. Every time it rains it just erodes."

Engineers keep using crush and run as a temporary fix, but the headache it's caused for the folks at Graced Kennels feels like it may never go away.

Danforth says, "You've got vehicles that drive across here, people who live here, if there was a fire, we couldn't get any help."

Unfortunately, the bridge is just the tip of the iceberg. The bigger problem is the creek bed that continues to give way to erosion. They've lost more than six feet of land in just two years.

An entire row of kennels is completely useless now, the creek has started eating away the ground underneath them.

Danforth says, "This part right here is actually hanging over the creek, so we can't put any dogs in these areas."

And, the bills continue to pile up. The business dropped $700 repairing a water line when the bridge collapsed the first time.

"We had no water supply to clean or take care of the animals. The new plumber ran the red line you see across so it's above ground so hopefully nothing else happens," Danforth said.

Paying for the city's problem is making it difficult for the kennel to turn a profit.

"It makes it very frustrating for us to continue business. It costs us out of our pocket to move kennels, to repair water lines," Danforth said.

Augusta's engineering department says they know all about the problem. They even have a plan and budget to fix it, but they say they're waiting on the Corps of Engineers to sign off on the permit. We are waiting for the Corps to call us back with that timeline. We'll be sure to keep you updated.

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