Harlem lowering crime by adding two new substations

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


HARLEM, Ga. (WRDW) -- The Harlem Police Department is saving time, money and lowering crime with two new substations that will open in two weeks

Emily Fields lives less than a mile away from Harlem's main police department and a mile from both new substations. As a mom, seeing more police officers makes her feel safer.

"I think just having the policemen out in sight will help a lot," Fields said.

Chief Gary Jones agrees. He said the new substations make it more effective and efficient for officers to go in and file reports, but this sign and these cars will also keep crime rates down.

"The way that it has been kept so low is certainly by visibilty and aggressive patrol techniques," Chief Gary Jones said.

Workers are finishing building what will be one of two new substations for the Harlem Police Department so in a couple of weeks there will be one on the west side of town, and on the east side of town where people of Harlem say it will help lower crime.

"The man's place is a good place to have it because there's some neighborhoods there that could probably use some extra policemen around," Fields said.

Two businesses agreed to share some space with the police department for free. All Harlem has to pay for is a $125 sign, so at no cost to tax payers they can get a sense of security.

"The more less likely things will happen. Less break-ins, less different things," Roxanne Thompson said.

Harlem is already using community policing and a citizens on patrol unit to reduce crime. Chief Jones says with the cyber command at Fort Gordon more people and more problems will be making their way here.

"We want to be prepared. We want to make sure we have the right amount of officers for the growth and population rate which is going to be key in keeping that crime rate low," Jones said.

An important goal in a growing town.

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