Gun permit laws | Georgia versus South Carolina

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News 12 at 11 / Sunday, June 15, 2014

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW) --The owner of a gun range in Aiken says it's about time Georgia and South Carolina get on the same page when it comes to gun permits.

Neither state recognizes each other's gun carry license. With Georgia's new gun law in the barrel and ready to fire off in July, we are On Your Side with what you need to know.

Shooting a gun properly takes practice and skill, but being able to carry it around without anyone knowing can be pretty easy depending on what state you live in.

In July, Georgia gun owners who have a permit can pack heat in bars, churches, and even some government buildings, but if they want to bring their gun to a new shooting range in Aiken, they can't hide it, because neither South Carolina or Georgia recognizes each other's concealed weapons permit.

Chuck Scott owns The Gun Rack Store, which is a few miles up from the state line. He says South Carolina requires a course, written test, and extensive background check. Georgia only does the background check.

He says with all the travels back and forth people do in the area, it doesn't make sense for his Utah gun permit to work in Georgia, when his South Carolina one won't.

He admits Georgia's requirements aren't as tough as South Carolina's, but with Georgia's new gun law starting in July, there's no better time to find common ground since both states agree with everything else about guns.

South Carolina gun laws already allow folks to carry guns in restaurants and bars, as long as the owner allows it and the carrier is not drinking. That is pretty much the same in Georgia.

When it comes to guns in schools, in South Carolina you can have one on school property as long as it's in your car and not on your person.

Georgia gives each school district the ability to choose a staff member who can carry in the school.

The only two big differences between the states is the permit issue and the right to carry in government buildings. Georgia law will give some buildings the choice.

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