Gun buyback program aims to get firearms off the streets

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News 12 at 6 o'clock/ Saturday August 3, 2013

Augusta, GA (WRDW)--- A nine day stretch of gun violence last month killed five people and injured another six. With shootings again Friday night and Saturday afternoon, the total rises to 15 wounded in just a couple of weeks. One group is willing to literally pay a price if you give up your gun.

Guns, guns, and more guns. Future Successors is a group trying to get guns off the street. They say the fifteen shootings in the last few weeks could have been prevented.

"I think people should pay attention to what's going on and try their hardest to eliminate it," said the Niki Watson.

Watson started the gun buy back last year and says this is a chance for folks to save lives and stop violent crimes at the same time.

"Eliminate it now before it gets home. You should do something about it before it hits home," Watson told News12.

And that's exactly what Nelson Howard is doing.

"Well basically I'm worried about the kids," he said.

Howard turned in a 25 automatic for 75 bucks. He says having two little girls at home is what pushed him to turn the gun in, but that's not the only reason.

"It's going to benefit everyone, especially kids. That's the main thing." Howard told News12.

Watson raised $1,900 for Saturday's event with donations from Sizemore Security and Horizon Bus Line. She says sponsorships like that are what helped the numbers rise.

"Last year I collected 22; right now I'm at 35," she said.

The group was out of money an hour and a half after doors opened, and while companies helped front the bill, the Richmond County Sheriff's Office helped in disposing the guns.

"We are not running any checks on them. We just want the guns off the street. If they can bring it to us, they don't have to give no name or nothing, or where they got it from. Just bring it to us," said Richmond County Deputy Cory Carlyle.

So, as the guns get ready to be taken away, Watson wants everyone to know something

"We understand why you need guns, but we do understand why some guns shouldn't be out on the street," she said.

If you want to return your gun or help the group raise funds for next year, you can contact them at: 706-951-0274 or by email at

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