Gun owner: If my gun isn't welcome, neither is my money

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News 12 at 11 / Wednesday, July 2, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- As the temperatures rise everyone is feeling the heat, but some are mad about another type of heat, the kind you pack.

It's now legal in Georgia to bring a gun to a lot more places, but as News 12 reports another place is telling customers to leave theirs at home. Stephanie Scott likes to shoot at targets, but she likes to shop at one too.

"Clothing for kids held up. Child one wouldn't wear it out so that child two could wear it," she told News 12.

Scott says raising two boys is expensive and her favorite store always had good prices.

"Target has good deals. I have the Target charge card and that gives me 5 percent back when i use it at Target," Scott said.

Things will change soon though because when Target puts up a no gun sign Scott says she will not come back.

"If I see a no guns on my Target I'm turning in my card and I'll be taking my business else where," she said.

Taking her money and gun away from Target isn't the only thing she'll do, she'll also hand them a card saying if my gun isn't welcome neither is my money.

"It's pretty much a notifications to businesses," Scott says its a notification that will come from moms and dads everywhere who are responsible gun owners.

"Word is getting out about the laws changing. You can carry more places now," said Gun Rack salesman Freeman Coleman.

Coleman believes anti-gun policies are keeping him employed because gun sales keep rising

"I'd say woman buying guns is exploding," he told News 12.

He says mom's aren't just buying guns, they're also buying purses for guns.

"You never know who is in the parking lot. Sometimes I shop at odd hours. Early in the morning or late at night by myself. I don't want to be a victim," Scott said.

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