Growth is happening right now at Fort Gordon

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News 12 First at Five / Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A lot's changed since Joshua Cripps was a kid.

"It used to be nothing but pine trees," he said. "In 31 years, it's grown up to what it is today."

But nothing compared to what'll happen in the next few years. The Grovetown area is going to explode with growth.

"It'll be full-blown, construction will be full-blown, landscaping will be full-blown," said Cripps.

His fencing business will be full-blown too.

"All of it, gate-frames and everything," Cripps said. "We're amped up right now March, beginning of Spring."

It's because of the more than 1,500 jobs hitting Fort Gordon this year alone. Talk about the Cyber Command Headquarters has folks excited but it's not the center point of operations at the moment.

"Cyber command isn't coming until late 2016, 2017 timeframe, the growth is happening today," Thom Tuckey with the CRSA Alliance for Fort Gordon said.

Everywhere you turn, you see it. Tuckey said for each job created on post, two jobs would be created in the community.

"Housing construction, more restaurants, more shopping, more pizza delivery people," he said.

That means more traffic on roads like Horizons South Parkway, and East Robinson Avenue heading into Fort Gordon.

"The challenge that Fort Gordon has is it doesn't matter how fast we get them to the installation, they can only get them through the gates at a certain rate," Tuckey said.

Plans with the Georgia DOT look at creating a new gate, and expanding existing ones. Even building new roads to alleviate congestion.

"Build a gate that's maybe four or five or six lanes wide," he said. "To build a new road is a seven year process."

But Tuckey says things need to move quicker.

"Cyber protection teams are forming as we speak," he said.

Good news for Cripps who's personal business who could cash in when the troops come in.

"It's going to be more growth to this county and to the city, and I'm proud of my home team, I'm proud of where I stay," Cripps said.

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