Group proposing arts charter school looks for community input

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News 12 This Morning/Thursday Feb. 6, 2014

COLUMBIA CO., Ga. (WRDW)--Sounds like those from the Davidson Fine Arts school in Richmond County are the same sounds one group in Columbia County wants for students there.

"We have this wonderful school in a neighboring county that is showing great success. Yet, Columbia County doesn't have anything like that," said Todd Shafer.

An alumni of Davidson and a teacher now,Shafer is also a founding board member of the Columbia County School for the Arts--a charter school he and about half a dozen other educators are working to open.

"So I have this passion for the arts and I also know the academic achievement is propelled by the arts," he explained.

Shafer tells me there'd be no audition process to attend. The school would be open to all students of the county.

"Full infusion of the arts. Dance, drama, music, the visual arts and a foreign language component," he said.

Now, this board is looking to see whether the community will support funding to open this start-up charter school. In a letter of intent, they say they plan to open doors in the fall 2015.

So far, Shafer says they're meeting with builders to find possible locations for the school--and working to build a petition that will include the public's opinion.

"We want their input, we want their feedback," he said. "We want their support but we also want comments that Columbia County may not need this."

We asked you all what you thought on social media and the majority of those who commented express support for the proposed charter school.

To let the group know how you feel, comment below or you can fill out a survey or sign the petition at their website. Just click the accompanying link to reach their site.

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