Grieving mother pleads for club closure

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News12 at 6 o'clock/ Sept. 23, 2013

Augusta,Ga---Augusta Commissioners will decide next week whether a troubled nightclub can stay open or shut down. In just the last 6 months, there's been a fatal fight at Pure Platinum and deputies say a shoot-out happened in an adjacent parking lot.

28-year old Phillip Boynton died from a traumatic brain injury in June after the brawl in the parking lot in March.

Last month deputies arrested three suspects for that parking lot shooting. One man was hit the wrist.

City leaders decided to put the club on probation and that's not sitting well with a grieving mother. "I'm hurting I miss my child a week ago we laid his head stone down," said Fallen.

Her son Phillip Rashad Boynton died in the hospital after a fight in the parking lot of Club Pure Platinum last March. The incident report shows deputies found Boynton bleeding on the ground. He died eight days later.

"His lawyer asked what could he do to make this thing go away. I told him there is nothing he can do to bring my child back," said Fallen.

"One thing's for sure somebody is responsible," said Commissioner Corey Johnson.

Richmond County Deputies were working security the night Boynton died. They were also supposed to be working security the night of a recent shootout near the club.

"How do you have three deputies out there and they're falling to do their job. I don't understand that," said Commissioner Johnson.

Committee members voted to put the club's owner on six months probation for selling liquor 14 times after hours. Fallen says commissioners are showing favoritism by allowing it to stay open.

"They just closed the door on my baby, but I'm not going to close it. He's not here to stand up and fight for himself so I'm going to do it," said Fallen.

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