Graniteville water tower vandalized

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April 16, 2014

GRANITEVILLE, SC (WRDW)-- People in Graniteville are looking for who loves Jenny. Sprawled across the water tower in the small town is graffiti expressing the sentiment and people living in the area want something done.

Recently repainted by Recleim, a recycling facility set to open this summer, paid $45,000 to have the tower repainted several months ago, but Graniteville residents see the tower as more than just a landmark

“After the train wreck and chlorine of course everything was rusted and deteriorated,” said lifelong Graniteville resident Elizabeth Powell, "they came back and finally had to paint.”

So Powell and others have taken to social media to try and find out who did it. While they say it may not be the crime of the century, they still think some repercussions are necessary.

“We're trying to revitalize here and for someone to come along and vandalize and put graffiti on everything--they need to be caught," said Powell. "They need to paint it back with a paintbrush.”

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