Gov. Nathan Deal visits Augusta during ice storm

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Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal visits Augusta during ice storm. (WRDW-TV)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Gov. Nathan Deal (R - Ga.) landed at Daniel Field in Augusta to take a helicopter tour of the damage in our area.

Gov. Nathan deal Mayor Deke Copenhaver and Columbia County Chairman Ron Cross had eyes up in that chopper today

It was another visit from the sky, but this time bringing help instead of harm.

Gov. Deal landed at Daniel Field greeted by Augusta's mayor.

"We very much appreciate your support," Copenhaver said.

He only spent a couple minutes on the ground in Augusta before it was time to get back in the air.

A bird's-eye view of what Deal called "an unusual storm" and the damage that came with it.

"A number of [pine trees] we could see down on power lines as we came in." Deal said. "We also saw power crews working trying to get them back in place."

He said the chopper showed relatively clear roads, but chaotic intersections and lots of downed trees.

Overall, it was better than he expected. A different sight from the devastation in Atlanta 2 weeks ago.

"The greatest difference I think is that we had cooperation from the public," Deal said. "They understood the danger that was headed their way."

Deal still had a word of caution.

"The roads are clear at this point, but the predictions are this ice is going to begin to melt and tonight it's going to be below freezing," Deal said.

That of course means black ice.

Deal said he has extended the state declaration of emergency for Georgia until Sunday.

Right now they're calculating the bill to see if it will rise to the point where we need federal funding. Gov. Deal says that will be important especially since were going to need help and funds to clear debris.

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