Gospel artists say they're coming for real this time

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We have an update on a story we reported last month about a Gospel concert that never happened. Dozens were upset after paying to see big name acts and none showed up.

Local gospel concert held at local church--many say promoter walked off with cash. One headliner says she was never paid. Promoter says he did not take the money.

News 12 has just learned one of the artist is putting on a free concert at the Beulah Grove Baptist Church next Thursday. "Disappointed, hurt, and a lot of people were shocked, " said Preacher Angela Harden.

Those are feelings Pastor Angela Harden and others felt after going to see big gospel names like Vickie Winans, Tamela Mann and James Fortune. The big names were a no show. The artist blame the promoter Shariff King, he blames the church. but Tabernacle Baptist Church released video of what they say shows the promoter stealing money before skipping town.

"I wouldn't say they were angry, but hurt and shocked," said Pastor Harden.

Dr. Sam Davis, Pastor of the Beulah Grove Baptist Church hopes to make that wrong right. They're holding a free concert featuring Artist James Fortune and Fiya

. Well known Bishop Hezekiah Walker will be the guest speaker. "In the legal world, it's something called a contract that's been signed," said Dr. Davis.

We even tweeted James Fortune just to make sure. He tweeted back "YES WE WILL BE THERE."

"You can't fix what you won't face. This concert is going to give us an opportunity to look at the wounds of what happened. This will pull the city together," said Dr. Davis.

The church and pure worship are teaming up to make this happen. The concert is free for anyone, but it's costing the church more than $15,000. Leaders hope attendees know the scripture, it's more blessing to give than to receive.

All local acts should contact the Pure Worship Facebook page for information on how to participate.

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