Community led "Girls on the Run" returns with scholarship opportunity

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News 12 This Morning/Monday March 10, 2014

(WRDW)--Fourth grade students Angelay Brown and Madison Lane are part of Girls on the Run, a running based program for girls grades three through five.

But these girls tell me the program isn't just about running.

"Girls on the Run is not just running. It's more building self-esteem and confidence and having fun and making friends," said Madison.

"We're exercising a lot. We're playing games but they're not just regular games, they're that help us think of ourselves like we're special," explained Angelay.

"It's all about building that character for those girls, building those healthy relationships, learning how to really show compassion to each other and I think that's what's really important for these girls to learn at a very young age," said Stephani Shepherd.

Shepherd, Teen Program Coordinator of the CSRA Boys and Girls Program, says although the Boys and Girls Club sponsors the program, it's run by volunteers.

"It's completely volunteer led and I know a lot of people have heard the term 'it takes a village to raise a child,' well...we're really thankful for our village," she said.

But it is $150 to join up, which could be considered a steep fee for this program, but Shepherd tells me there are scholarship opportunities.

"There is a scholarship that is available. It is limited," she explained. "It's income based but, we do have some sites that are completely scholarship."

And with limited space for the entire program, Angelay and Madison tell me they're grateful to be learning so much by becoming Girls on the Run.

"It inspired me to run more better and is getting me more healthy," said Angelay.

"We're learning a lot. And we're learning that we're more special and unique than we think," said Madison.

Expanding the program is one aim volunteers and Boys and Girls Club leaders have.

Right now, there are five sites across the area where girls can sign up. Just click the attached link to get that information.

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