Georgia Power loses power, running on emergency generation

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Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Thousands continue to be without power Thursday night.

Georgia Power has hundreds of crews working to get power restored.

Two days ago regency mall was packed with dozens of lineman and hundreds of utility crews from around the U.S.

On Thursday, the parking lot was almost empty which is a good sign.

Severe conditions made Georgia Power lose power. Now, they're trying to restore the more than 50,000 without power.

"We've been without power for over a day now," Jair Delrio said.

Delrio and his 10-month-old baby have been without power for days. Delrio, who is in the armed forces, went to Georgia Power to see when his lights would be back on.

"I actually decided to get a hotel on post because we have a 10-month-old child," Delrio said. "It's freezing inside my house about 45 degrees inside."

He left without answers.

"How ironic is it for the company to be named Georgia Power and then have this building lose power?," Truitt Eavenson, East Region VP of Georgia Power, said. "We're on the same circuits everyone else is. We're running on emergency generation."

Georgia Power employees on North Leg were in the dark like hundreds around the state. No lights didn't stop them from trying to restore power in the area.

"We have a tremendous amount of resources we moved in across the country," Eavenson said. "Once other crews around the state finish they'll be coming here to help out."

Georgia Power customers like Delrio are already making other plans.

"Now we're looking at going to Atlanta where our in-laws are because they have power," Delrio said.

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