Ga. Rep. Kidd mulls switch to GOP

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Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012

ATLANTA (AP) -- An independent lawmaker in the Georgia House of Representatives is considering becoming a Republican, a decision that could give the GOP a supermajority in the General Assembly.

Rep. E. Culver "Rusty" Kidd of Milledgeville told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he will request meetings with senior Republicans and is considering joining the party.

The Republicans ended the election one seat shy of holding a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives. If Kidd changes parties, the GOP would get the majority they need to overturn gubernatorial vetoes or send proposed constitutional amendments to voters without Democratic support.

The Republicans effectively won a supermajority in the state Senate on Tuesday night. One of those races was a runoff where the GOP candidate is favored to beat a Libertarian.

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