Investigation reveals GSP pilot engaged in sexual acts in helicopter while on duty

Herbert Craven (WRDW-TV)
Herbert Craven (WRDW-TV / Sept. 5, 2012)
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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012

THOMSON, Ga. -- A former pilot with the Georgia State Patrol has admitted to engaging in sexual acts while on taxpayer time.

The investigation into pilot Herb Craven has been underway since this past summer. The GSP released the outcome of the investigation on Thursday.

Back in August, News 12's Liz Owens received a packet from an anonymous source. It contained a letter and a DVD with pictures alleging Craven had sex with a woman other than his wife in a state-owned helicopter while on duty in a position paid by taxpayers. You can read that letter here.

The whistleblower wrote to News 12: "I'm sure taxpayers would like to know that their $600,000 tax dollars are being used for inappropriate behavior and misuse of government property (knowing some pictures are inside of a helicopter)."

Along with the letter, the anonymous source sent News 12 a DVD with pictures. One of the pictures shows Craven inside a chopper identified as property issued to the GSP.

Investigators say they recognized the interior after looking at these pictures.

Investigators confirm Craven did engage in sexual acts with a woman other than his wife while on duty inside the helicopter and in a bedroom located at the hangar.

Craven was a 20-year veteran of GSP.

Investigators say the sex acts happened in April of this year.

During this investigation, the state put Craven on administrative leave and continued to pay him. Craven then retired.

The person who sent the packet also sent the same information to Craven's superiors. They used News 12 as the return address.

So far, investigators have not identified who sent the packet, but they believe it was someone he may have worked with.

Craven now works in a position -- again -- paid by taxpayers in property acquisition in Columbia County.

According to a GSP spokesman, they can't discipline Craven because he is a retiree. They would not discuss whether or not he is receiving a pension.

Due to the sensitive information involved in this case, News 12 has made the editorial decision not to publish the full case summary in order to minimize harm to innocent bystanders.

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