GRU officer sued for tasing incident

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News 12 6pm / Saturday, March 1, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- An Augusta business owner is suing a GRU police officer and his bosses after being tased during a traffic stop.

This same GRU officer who was involved in a shooting last week at University Village.

Officer Wesley Martin says he used his gun to defend himself after the driver lunged his car at him last Saturday, but now he'll have to defend himself in the court of law against completely different claims in a lawsuit filed Friday by Frederick Gibbons in the US District Court.

"Minor traffic stop. Violence should be a last resort," Frederick Gibbons said.

Gibbons is suing Officer Wesley Martin and others from Georgia Regents University after Martin shocked him with a stun gun last March.

"He shoots me with his taser. It was repeatedly... numerous times," he said.

Gibbons says he believes the tasing is not justified and stems from a complaint he filed back in Sept. of 2010 after Officer Martin and others pulled him over.

"Anything that happens in first incident always has to do with the second incident. Especially when it's involving the same people," believes Gibbons.

GRU would not comment on that claim or the lawsuit saying an investigation is still open from last week's shooting incident involving Martin and won't speak while it's pending. As for Gibbons, he says he's suing for money but he also wants change.

"A weapon, a taser, a gun... I would like for them to use it as a last resort," he said.

GRU has 30 days to respond to suit.

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