GRU grads say jobs are tough but not impossible to get

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News 12 First at Five / Friday, May 10, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- They are all excited graduates, but not all of them have jobs.

"Full time as a data base administrator at top dentist, right here in Augusta," said Haikeem-Olaguwon Stewart.

Stewart is one of the few who already has a job lined up. He says a degree helps in getting a job, but that's not the only way to get your foot in the door.

"A lot about the job market is who you know. Not so much what you know, but who you know. Who's working where? Who knows somebody that can get you in? And that's actually what happened to me," Stewart said.

Stewart says that things like career services on the GRU campus are what helped him meet people in his field.

However, it's a different story for Si-Long Chen.

"I didn't get a job until three weeks ago," Chen said.

Even though she won't be working as a reporter as she would've hoped, she's relieved she can say something some of her peers can't.

"I'm very grateful that I can say, 'I'm a graduate' -- and the moment I graduate, I have my foot in a job," Chen said.

So, while not everyone can celebrate a job, will all celebrate a graduation day.

A recent study showed nearly 300,000 American college graduates find themselves working minimum wage jobs. Many of the graduates News 12 talked to on Friday say despite the up and down numbers on the job market, they are optimistic about their future.

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