GHSU animal lab employee arrested after being found drunk, half naked in facility

Coley Mitchell (WRDW-TV)
Coley Mitchell (WRDW-TV)
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Friday, Aug. 17, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- News 12 has just learned a GHSU Lab Animal services employee was arrested after being found drunk in a locker room at the facility.

Coley Mitchell was arrested for public drunkenness and was taken to the Richmond County Jail late Monday night.

An officer noted in the police report that Mitchell was sitting in a chair with his pants halfway down. He is said to have been combative and uncooperative when he was asked to leave the facility.

No animals were said to have been harmed during the incident.

"GHSU does not condone behavior that conflicts with the research, education and clinical missions of the university and employees are expected to conduct themselves, at all times, with integrity and respect," said Jennifer Hilliard Scott, senior media relations coordinator, in a statement.

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