Free driving challenge helps parents and teens practice safe driving

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News 12 This Morning/Wednesday April 2, 2014

AIKEN CO., S.C. (WRDW)--"The number one killer of teens in our country is traffic crashes. So training is of the utmost importance," said Steve Deibel.

Trying to decrease those statistics is the main reason Deibel started the Aiken Driving Academy back in 2011.

"One of the things we try to do here is do a little bit more than just your basic driver training," he explained. "We teach three elements: visual awareness, speed management and then mechanical driving."

Now, those elements will be put to the test with a competition between parents and their teens.

"The Parent/Teen Driving Challenge [It's] the first annual program. It's something we've been looking forward to doing since we opened Aiken Driving Academy," he said.

The challenge starts with several local experts talking about more than just safe driving habits.

"For example civil and criminal liability as it relates to teens and driving," said Deibel. "Or the do's and don'ts of a teen in your insurance policy."

Next, after a few practice runs on the course teens will take on their parents and other teens driving through a distracted driving simulator.

"Either a mobile device or a passenger distraction. Every time they strike a cone they lose 10 seconds on their time," he explained. "There's so many distractions, whether it's the radio, food...passengers are a very underrated distraction."

And this is all offered free of charge to families who register.

"Education and awareness is the key," he said. "And to be able to offer this not just to our students, this is opened to anyone in the community free to them is something that is very important to us to be able to do this."

Parents and teens can now sign up in teens.

The challenge is May 10 and free for all participants, but there are only 20 spots available.

Click the attached link, then click the "Challenge" tab in order to sign up.

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