A top Augusta city government job could be up for grabs

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Augusta City Administrator Fred Russell's job could be on the line again. Some city leaders say they are re-considering parts of his contract which now entitles him to a six month severance package.


Fred Russell is a target again. His job could be on the line and this seems to happen at least once a year.

"In these jobs, you are a target. You have 200,000 people to satisfy and that number is dwindled down to 10 commissioners that makes hard decisions," said City Administrator Fred Russell.

So far two commissioners have come forward, with complaints about the way Russell has handed over critical information. Last week, sources say he was asked to leave a legal meeting where leaders were discussing how to rewrite the terms of his contract, that includes a 6 month severance package.

"In the letter, it states you work at the pleasure of the commission. So we can change it up anytime, we get ready," said Augusta Commissioner Marion Williams.

"I do want to set something straight. This was put on the agenda prior to last week's meeting with the city administrator," said Augusta Commissioner Bill Lockett.

The evaluations will take place on the city administrator and three other departments. Leaders say it's nothing out of the ordinary.

Next week commissioners will hold a work session on putting together evaluations for Russell, City Attorney and employees Andrew Mackenzie, Yvonne Gentry and Jacquelyn Humphreys. For now, Russell still has his job, but it only takes six commissioners to change that.

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