4 churches vandalized with blue spray paint

Four churches all along Old Petersburg Road and the sign to a baseball field were hit. (WRDW-TV)
Four churches all along Old Petersburg Road and the sign to a baseball field were hit. (WRDW-TV)

News 12 at 11 o'clock / Monday, Jan. 21, 2013

MARTINEZ, Ga. (WRDW) -- Four churches all along Old Petersburg Road and the sign to a baseball field were hit.

The pastor of Bible Fellowship Church is concerned, but not for his property.

"What we're more concerned about than our property and our sign is that person," said Pastor Randy Byrd.

It's an uncharacteristic response after the sign to their church was tainted with blue spray paint.

"We think maybe it was somebody that had a vendetta because the logo on the sign itself actually was written in such a way, and we studied this, that it meant 'abort Christ,'" he said.

Hurtful and blasphemous words on a church sign, but Pastor Byrd says the message he got out of it is very different.

"It tells me, ma'am, that somebody's hurting. Hurt people, hurt people," he explained.

Three other churches along Old Petersburg Road and the Kelley Park sign were all splattered with the blue paint with different messages on each one.

"On ours it says 'serve the servants' and next door on the church, I think it says something like 'are you safe?'" explained Central Church of Christ Pulpit Minister Scott Patterson.

Now church members are using spray paint of their own to return the sign to normal.

"Little frustrated, but you kind of feel sorry for the person that would feel whatever they feel and want to act out in this manner," Patterson said.

The Lutheran Church was quick to remove theirs, but on their white preschool sign, the vandals spelled out the words "abort Christ."

The symbol representing the same thing was plastered on their next-door neighbor.

The vandalism on Bible Fellowship Church's sign is gone now, but you can see where they've scrubbed to get the blue spray paint off the textured surface.

While the pastor says it was just a little paint, vandalism on a house of worship is a felony.

Despite that, Pastor Byrd says he doesn't want to get whoever did this in trouble.

In fact, he wants quite the opposite.

"Somebody asked me would you like to get back at them. No. I'd like to find out if they're OK, and what's the problem," Byrd said.

These churches are all within a mile of each other, and they've each had little things like lights broken or fountains toppled over before.

Byrd thinks the spray paint vandalism happened sometime between 11 p.m. Sunday and 7 a.m. Monday.

If the person is caught, he or she will face up to five years in jail.

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