Fort Gordon remembers families before Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 22, 2014


The holiday weekend officially kicks of tomorrow, but today, there was a reminder about why Memorial Day is so important.

It's a small flag in the ground on Fort Gordon's expansive grounds, but for Judy Smith, it has a lot of meaning.
Smith's husband did two tours in Korea. She says her family was a military family then, and even after their loss, they are a military family now.
She says, "I think what we put on his gravestone really describes him. Husband, father, grandpa, and soldier."

Smith's husband was one of several soldiers honored at Fort Gordon today. It was all a part of the annual Warrior Remembrance Day. The event was put on with help from Survivor Outreach Services. At the ceremony, families are able to gather to remember the ones the lost, surrounded by other survivors.

Smith says, "We can all go to the usual memorial services but this is specially geared towards our personal fallen heroes."

Karen Lewis, a survivor outreach specialist, says the event isn't just to remember the ones we lost but also the ones they left behind. She says, "It gives us an opportunity to honor our fallen and recognize their survivors for the sacrifices they also made for our country."

Smith says being with all of these other survivors makes remembering her loss a little bit easier. She said, "Its just wonderful to share with people, where you don't have to explain yourself, they all know where you've been, and what you're going through."

And the ceremony today showed how all of their sacrifices are always remembered.

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