Former city administrator admits to deleting everything from work computer

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Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Everything in former City Administrator Fred Russell's office is in its proper place.

The desk doesn't have a spot and his computer's hard drive was wiped completely clean as well.

"If you've got no reason to hide, you'll be more than happy to give whatever you need to give. It belongs to the city and it's not his," Commissioner Marion Williams said.

Commissioner Williams finally got his hands on Russell's work computer after seven years of trying. Williams said he didn't find anything on it.

"You can delete your computer, but it's still on the hard drive. Now we have no backup. Somebody is going to answer for this," said Commissioner Williams.

"Asking for this information is somewhat redundant," Commissioner Corey Johnson said.

We found the man who used the computer for 10 years out front of the municipal building. Russell was talking and shaking hands.

"Mr. Russell do you have a second?" asked News 12.

"No I actually don't. I have an appointment we will talk to you later," Russell said.

He continued walking but that didn't make our questions stop.

We asked Russell did he delete his hard drive.

"You know that doesn't deserve a comment from me, I don't care,"said Fred Russell.

Russell eventually stopped and after our camera's were not rolling. He admitted to deleting everything from his hard drive.

Interim City Administrator Tameka Allen says the city does not have enough space to keep all the information from employee's computer.

City records are required to be kept in accordance with the Georgia Open Records Law.

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